Folder structure



  1. Links
  2. main.dart
  3. routs
  4. layout
  5. initial_page.dart
  6. fragment/pages and components
  7. l10n
  8. config
  9. app
  10. packages




Flutterap starts with main.dart that in the MaterialApp of this file we set routs.



All routs/routs.dart in Flutterap admin panel are defined in routs.dart using layouts of flutterap admin panel.




In views/layout folder there are four layouts of Flutterap admin panel:

Admin panel lyout:has both drawer and appbar in its structure.

Full screen layout:does not have drawer or appbar in its structure.

drawer layout:has just drawer in its structure.

appbar layout:has just app bar in its structure.




in routs/initial_page.dart you can set the initiial page of admin panel, FcDashboard is set as default.


fragment/pages and components

all of the pages of admin panel are in fragment/pages such as FcDashboard and FcChart or components samples and the components that related into models, providers and blocs are in fragment/components.



In l10n folder there are .arb files of different languages that added in supporded locales. in .arb files there are all of the words in panel and their translations into related languages.




In config folder you can configure the panel:

supported locales: you should add the languages that you add its .arb file in l10n folder in the panel, in supported locales list.

ui: in ui folder you can config drawer and app bar functionally language drop down menu ,theme button and drawer menu.




app folder contains :

constans: constans of panel such s strings related to api.

local: contains some lacal files such as share preferences.

models: this folder contains all of the models in panel and static case oof them are seprated in static folder.

server: contains files related to server such as blocs, api provider, status checker and... .

util: contains some files such as convertors.




The other section of flutter structure is packages:

fx_flutterap_components: contains all of the components in panel except editables, such as fx_button or fx_text.

fx_flutterap_editable_components:contains editable components such as price card and bill that if you want to use them , you should customize them for yourself , for example set your own price in price card or config bill for your business.

fx_flutterap_kernel: some axial files of flutterap are located in it.

fx_flutterap_template: different templates of flutterap admin panel are located in and if you want to use anyone you shoud set its name as default_template.